The creation of artificial coral reefs has had a positive impact in marine vegetation. So much, that countries around the world are adding up to projects like this.

Next, we give you the greatest artificial reefs for snorkeling in Mexico and around the globe:

1. USS Oriskany, Florida, USA
Right on the coast of Florida, in the United States, the USS Oriskany was an aircraft carrier completed after World War II. It is named after the Oriskany battle in the US Independence War. This ship operated on the Pacific during the 1970s, earning combat stars for its service in Korea and Vietnam.

On 2004, they decided to use it as the home for artificial reefs, and after making sure it was safe, they sunk it and placed it in a vertical position at a depth that would be accessible for recreational snorkeling.

the-creation-of--artificial-coral-reefs2. Redbird, New York, USA
One of the most famous artificial reefs in the world is the Redbird. Its particularity lies in the composition of it: it is made of retired subway wagons. The name for this artificial reef comes from the model of the wagons, and it is composed of 714 sunken wagons at 82 feet of depth.

Even though the wagons are accompanied by tanks, vehicles, ships, and more artifacts, the Redbird is an example of one of the most amazing artificial coral reefs in the world. In the last decade, the marine resources in this area have increased around 400 times.

3. Subaquatic Art Museum, Cancun, Mexico
This project was born as an alternative to preserve natural coral reefs in the zone. Due to the time it would take for it to regenerate naturally, it was chosen to be done artificially: British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor produced a series of sculptures that would be exhibited in this underwater museum.

This is a great place to snorkel in Mexico, which nowadays has more than 400 sculptures built with special material that do not harm the environment nor alter the pH, which makes it easier for reefs to grow.

4. Parque Submarino Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

Located at the northeastern coast of Mexico, Parque Submarino Rosarito has one of the most amazing artificial reef projects in the globe. This theme park has a ship cemetery that will house artificial reefs that will be the home to different marine species, as well as a great place for diving and snorkeling in Mexico.

The Uribe 121 is the first of four ships to be sunken here to be part of the ship cemetery. This park will also have an underwater art gallery, as well as different areas that will make this a perfect place to visit with your family.