Few people can say they have seen how a battleship is sunk, so get your boat and your camera ready, because it is time to transform the Uribe 121 into one of the best places to scuba dive in Mexico. And don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to dive, this is a great place to scuba dive for beginners!

If you plan on watching the sinkage of the Uribe 121 from the comfort of your boat, we recommend having your paperwork ready so you can sail safely in Mexico and enjoy this historic event.

The PORMAR company advises foreign sailors to be prepared to take off when they are told to, so they can wave goodbye to the first Mexican battleship to be turned into an artificial reef in Rosarito Beach.

Commercial boats must fulfill the next requirements:


1. Have a boat agent
This is, to have a representative at the Mexican port —Rosarito—. The boat agent will coordinate everything for your arrival and your take off with the competent authorities: the Harbor Master’s Office, Migration, and Customs Office.

2. Scan your basic documents for your boat agent.
Identity papers
Insurance policy
List of the crew
Passports of the crew members

There will be a format you will have to fill in with specific information on the crew. For example, Customs and Migration Office might ask you for your place and date of birth.

3. Pay for the visa
Upon arrival to Rosarito, the crew’s visas will be requested, and every foreigner must pay $362 pesos (around $25 USD) for the visa, and show Migration their passport. After this, the captain will get a format from Migration, which you have to give back once you answered it. Later on, you will have to do the same at the Harbor Master’s Office.

You must consider that the arrival or take off at non-business hours might incur in higher fees. Non- business hours are Monday thru Friday, from 08:59 to 18:01, and anytime Saturday and Sunday.


1. Notify the port the date of your arrival and schedule the take off
The sailors should indicate the boat agent where and when are they taking off.

2. Documentation with the Harbor Master’s Office and Migration
You must fulfill the formats that Migration and the Harbor Master’s Office will provide you with.

3. Wait for permission to take off
The boat agent will give an electronic notice to Migration and Customs when you take off. This must be done 24 hours before the take off.


You can do the paperwork yourself
Any foreigner can directly do the procedure. First of all, you need to get the permit by the National Institute of Migration. After that, you will need to:

-Fill in the format that the Harbor Master’s Office will give you upon arrival. This must be signed and authorized by Migration first, and then sent back to the Harbor Master’s Office. You can request the take off paperwork with both authorities while you are there.

-When arriving upon the Migration offices, every foreigner will get a temporary visa while on board of the yacht. For this, each one will have to show their valid passport and pay $362 Mexican pesos for each visa.


If you enter Mexico in a car or plane, you need to do a migration procedure —as every tourist does—. You will need to fill in the FM3 format, which will be given to you when you arrive upon any Customs office in any country, be it through land or through air.

This is the list of countries and regions that require a visa to travel into Mexico:


Remember that the Mexican Secretary of Navy (SEMAR) only patrols the seas, so whoever traveling through a car or a plane needs to do the migration process through terrestrial customs.