Looking for an underwater adventure in Baja? Don’t look any further, Parque Submarino Rosarito is one of the best places for wreck diving in Mexico. And don’t worry if you are not an expert, this is the place to do scuba diving for beginners. It’s all about diving here at the Pacific!

Swim through artificial reefs created on sunken ships and discover the array of aquatic plants and animals inhabiting the northeast of Mexico. Here, foreign and mexican divers can enjoy paradise under water. Parque Submarino Rosarito combines marine conservation and research to offer you a place where you can have fun and learn about this ecosystem that gives us more than just natural beauty.

Come and have the best wreck diving experience in Mexico. Dive into the biggest artificial reef in Baja and explore this underwater world.

Snorkeling is definitely one of the best and most fun activities you can do underwaters. This great experience will give you stories to tell your grandchildren about. Come enjoy the other side of the coast in Baja.

Dive into adventure!

aquatic-activities-in-baja-have-no-limitsAquatic activities in Baja have no limits, and in Parque Submarino Rosarito we know it, this is why we brought to you an underwater adventure like no other.

Get to know the beautiful marine life growing around sunken battleships. Swim through an artificial marine paradise that is nothing but the real thing, and be amazed by all of the life coexisting in this planet.

Parque Submarino Rosarito is strategically located at the coasts of Baja, so both national and foreign visitors can be amazed.

Get your snorkel and flippers ready and submerge into a sea that will show you one-of-a-kind landscapes. Enter the door to adventure in Rosarito and add up to this wonderful project.

Come and see everything that Parque Submarino Rosarito has to offer.