Before you sink into adventure, here is some information on the pros and cons of artificial reefs:

Pros: an artificial reef made out of a solid structure placed at the bottom of the ocean will have now a second life housing thousands of marine species, this is great for our planet’s biodiversity, and it also allows you to have an underwater adventure.

Cons: if the structure sunk is not properly prepared, it might generate pollution. This is why the Uribe 121 has been prepared by civil organizations along with the Mexican environmental authorities to make sure that it will not cause any type of pollution or a negative environmental impact.

Why is it that —in just a short amount of time— Rosarito has become one of the best destinations in Mexico? Well, there are many factors that favored this city: its economic growth, its tourism, its natural resources, but, overall, the adventures awaiting those who come and visit.

Parque Submarino is one of the greatest touristic destinations in the region —and in the country! A theme park where adventure meets science in the underwater world.

Swim among aquatic plants and animals. Admire the freshness of the Pacific Ocean and the life developing on sunken battleships. See history come to life.

A destination for conservation

Parque Submarino Rosarito has been designed as a space for conservation. Artificial reefs generate life, and life generates hope, so this is a big pro for artificial reefs. Marine life grows day by day to offer our planet a better future and a destination that is projected to the world.

Here at Parque Submarino we have a bunch of great options for you. Dive into adventure and look into what we have to offer:

a-destination-for-conservationScuba diving: Practice scuba diving in one of the best wreck diving sites in Mexico. Explore sunken battleships and see how they turn into the home of fish and seaweeds. Get to know the depths of the ocean in the best place to scuba dive in Mexico, and get back to your friends and family with lots of stories to tell.

Snorkeling: Swim over marine vegetation developing in the shores of Rosarito and go through the most important artificial reefs in Mexico.

Ship cemetery: Get to know a place where sunken battleships get a second life by housing marine plants and animals. Come and unravel the mystery!

Pre hispanic Atlantis: Explore our own version of Atlantis, where you can see pieces from the cultures that were here before us, like the Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs, and Toltecs.

Tribute to the Titanic: Come and learn more about the Titanic. The blockbuster movie was shot right here in Rosarito!

Sculpture garden: Soak into a marine art gallery! Swim through concrete sculptures that lay in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Museum: If you are not into underwater adventures, you can still visit our museum on firm ground. Get to know the marine emotions in the Puerto Nuevo museum.