Looking for the best place to wreck dive in Mexico? You just found it! The X marks the spot, and it’s in Rosarito!

Rosarito: the best place for wreck diving in Mexico

The story of the Parque Submarino Rosarito starts with the sinking of the Uribe 121, which was a battle ship on its past life, but has now turned into home for a large array of marine species.

The project has five stages, and once they are all finished they will compose a complete and interactive experience that will teach you more about our artificial reefs.

We would like to thank all of the hands that are making this project possible: CICESE, CCDER, the Mexican Navy, the Government of Baja California, the Rosarito City Council, and the Baja California Association of Divers.


Why support this project?

Here at Parque Submarino Rosarito everyone –sea creatures and humans– can have a great time, but big projects need big support. So, why invest with us? Here are some of the impacts this project will have:


Rosarito will welcome visitors from all over the world, so we’re expecting to have recognition all around the globe. When tourists come in to visit the park, they won’t hesitate to go around the local craft market or that delicious restaurant right around the corner. A win-win situation.


Textbooks are important in school, but experience gives us a higher grade of comprehension, and moments we will not forget. Here, we have tons of information for big and small to broaden their horizons.


We want more money invested locally! Let local and foreign visitors invest in Rosarito to grow together and help generate more jobs.


We also wish for the Parque Submarino to help strengthen the bonds between the people of Rosarito. And not only among people, but towards the sea and all of the creatures that belong there. Together, we will help to protect our local treasures.


And why not use this park in favor of scientific research, too? Parque Submarino Rosarito will allow experts to watch and register the variations of the sea temperature, its waves and currents in order to study climate change.
Take a look into our park
We named the park Parque Submarino Rosarito because it is precisely that: an underwater park, and here you will be able to enjoy yourselves, experience adventures, and spread the knowledge.

1. Ship cemetery

The adventure starts at the Uribe, but we are not even close to the end. This is an area dedicated to shipwrecks where marine life will find a new home. Here you can enjoy the best wreck diving in Mexico!

2. Atlantis

In this area you will find a “Mesoamerican Atlantis,” an exploration zone with replicas of pieces made by those who got here first: Toltecs, Mayans, Aztecs… if you don’t know how to tell one apart from the other, you will sure do after this voyage through time.

3. Titanic

This iconic film was shot at Rosarito, and reproductions of the “unsinkable” Titanic will forever rest in our shores. Here, you will see a tribute to the James Cameron film.

4. Sculpture garden

Underwater art is nothing like any other art you have seen before. The beautiful sculptures, along with the biodiversity of the place make this exhibition a unique space where art and nature converge.

5. Museum

The cherry on top of this great project will be the museum –a physical space on solid ground where you can check out what is going on underseas through a monitoring center. No other artificial reef can say they have one of these.