Restaurants, hotels, and snorkeling in Mexico are the best source of tourism in our city. Food, fun, and underwater adventures at great prices.

Parque submarino Rosarito: snorkeling in Mexico

The non-profit Artificial Reef Foundation has now given the first and most important step towards the fulfillment of the Parque Submarino Rosarito: the sinking of the Uribe 121 battleship.

With this, the creation of the first artificial reef in the Mexican Pacific has begun. The reef will be located in Rosarito, near Puerto Nuevo, the lobster capital of the world.

The Parque Submarino is a project that has a positive impact on the environment, tourism, and education, but it is so big it requires your help.

You can support this project by visiting Rosarito and consuming locally.


The Parque Submarino Rosarito is more than just an adventure! Come see fish and plants coexist in the first artificial reef of the Mexican Pacific.

From San Diego to Rosarito, bon voyage!

Here at Rosarito we love to welcome those who already know us and enjoy our city, but we also seek for adventurous souls seeking to explore the area, so we can bring them closer to all of the charms this region has to offer.

Baja California has five cities, and Rosarito is one of them. We are located 15-20 minutes away from San Diego, California coming from Tijuana.

To get here, you just need to take the Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road, which is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Mexico for its view of the Pacific. Just keep in mind that there is a toll booth that charges $31 pesos (less than $2 dollars).

If you’d rather not drive, there are many transportation line services you can hire. One of them is Mexicoach, a line of red buses that brings you from San Ysidro all the way to Rosarito.

Rosarito is more than just sand and sun

We know that everyone comes to Rosarito excited about the sea and the amazing amount of activities we can do in it.

From dipping your toes or running on sand, to snorkeling and fishing, and doing a small trip to the Coronado islands.

We invite you to take off your bathing suit and check out the many other places we offer on solid ground.

One day won’t be enough!

Discover more about Rosarito and the secrets hiding around the city. Visit our sponsor’s web pages:


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Puerto Nuevo Baja Hotel & Villas

Come relax at Hotel Puerto Nuevo’s pool with an ocean view or at the indoor one with a jacuzzi. You can also enjoy its multi purpose court and work out while your children enjoy the playground.

Carretera Libre Tijuana-Ensenada Km. 44.5, 22712 Puerto Nuevo, BC, México.

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Rosarito Ocean Sports

Enjoy sea activities such as snorkeling, jet ski, and surf. Or if you rather be on the ground, you can rent a bike or have a ride on a camel. Dare to try something new!

Blvd. Benito Juárez Vidriera La Playa, Rosarito, B.C., México.

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