The Parque Submarino Rosarito is the first underwater theme park in the Mexican Pacific. Discover the best wreck dives and explore our artificial reefs.

Join us at the best wreck dive in Baja

Rosarito is the window to a new underwater adventure! The Parque Submarino Rosarito is the first subaquatic theme park where you can dive around sunken military ships, museums, artificial reefs and sculpture gardens.

Strategically located at the coast of the Pacific in Baja California, the Parque Submarino Rosarito is like an aquarium, but without any glasses separating you from the real thing. Here, you can venture into a ship cemetery and an array of dynamic ecosystems ready to be explored. Are you ready for the best wreck dive in Baja?


The Parque Submarino Rosarito is more than just an adventure! Come see fish and plants coexist in the first artificial reef of the Mexican Pacific.


It all began with a memorable battleship

The ship that started all is the Uribe 121. This ship was a pioneer, arriving to Mexico as part of the first Mexican fleet that could operate with MBB Bo helicopters on board.

The Uribe 121 was named after a brave cadet –Virgilio Uribe– who died in 1914 when he was defending Veracruz from the enemies.

This battleship is a war trophy and an historical piece. It is also the first of four ships that will give life to our artificial reef. Come over to Parque Submarino Rosarito, the best place to scuba dive in Mexico.

Let’s go underwater!
Parque Submarino Rosarito has many adventures to share with you,
let’s look at the areas in the park:
So many options

More than a cemetery, this is an area where ships will find a second life and the diver will find lots of mysteries. Enjoy the best wreck dive ever!

Explore archeological pieces from Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, and Olmecs in our own version of Atlantis.

Travel through time and dive into the memories of the great Titanic. James Cameron’s hit blockbuster was shot at Rosarito and now we are bringing the legend back to life.

Our underwater art gallery is better than any earthly gallery you’ve seen before. Come see our concrete sculptures greet you while you explore the sea.

The fun is not only for divers. You can also enjoy our over-the-sea museum: watch the submarine emotions in real time, and get to know the experience

The circle of life

The artificial reef generates a survival space while producing food that allows new marine life to flourish.

The more the merrier

While you are living the most vibrant and fun experience in Baja, you are generating jobs.

Marine science for everyone

This is a space where fun and research meet, thanks to CICESE and other public and private institutions.

Education for the future

What better way to learn than through experience. Educating our children is thinking about the future.

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Each cent you donate will help build a home for hundreds of fish and sea plants.

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